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Moldy Peaches Interview - Anti-Folk For Dummies at the Heaven Club, London.

After a mighty reception at London's Heaven Club, Kimya Peachy talks to Crud about their mythological NYC peerage, cousin Stroke, Fabrizio and Bunny Foo Foo. Bunny Who?



The Moldy Peaches have proved themselves as worthy torch bearers of the Anti Folk scene. Their simple, unpretentious and often humourous acoustic tunes even managed to captivate the salivating rock hungry audience at their high profile show at London's HEAVEN club, supporting THE STROKES.

This was no small feat for a man and woman dressed up as Robin Hood and a Lioness. No, really.A large part of their charm is their ability to not take themselves seriously, a refreshing characteristic in todays earnest, post-OK Computer pompous rock world. Their lyrics locate themselves somewhere in the grey area between childhood and adolesence: lives that live in cartoons, all those too hip or not too hip conversations and even breakfast cereals. Frank Zappa once famously asked, "Does Humour Belong In Music?" On this showing ,yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

We talked to Kimya, one half of The Moldy Peaches.KIMYA - THE MOLDY PEACHES

CRUD: You've been touring with the Strokes, how's that been? Found out any personal hygiene secrets about the band?

KIMYA: We are back in New York now. we toured with The Strokesfor a month and it was absolutely amazing. I love The Strokes as a band and as people. They are wonderful and they took really good care of us. Fabrizio is my cousin and I could tell you some stories about when we were kids that would probably make him blush, but I shouldn't.

CRUD: There is a buzz growing about the current NY scene here in the UK, do you think it's justified?

KIMYA: Well, I think that The Strokes are amazing and we're pretty good, and there are other amazing bands like DUFUS and STIPPLICON and...uh...I don't really know that much about bands. And I certaintly don't know of a band scene. There are a lot of amazing songwriters and hopefully once some the dust clears from the hype about the bands the songwriters will be standing in the rubble singing about the aftermath.

CRUD: Lo-Fi - what does it mean to you?

KIMYA: Low in fiber. I need more fiber. My poop has been very irregular.

CRUD: What is it about NY that inspires you and others?

KIMYA: The beautiful scenery in the town that I live in. Contrary to popular belief I am not a city girl. I am from a small town north of NYC. I have a nice house with my parents and we have a family business watching kids. I have a dog and a car and a nice backyard. I like to go camping. I am inspired by boredom. Sometimes when I am in the city I am inspired by the conversations I overhear in crowds and the hum of busy-ness.

CRUD: Anti -folk scene: does that stem from an annoyance with folk, singer/songwriter clichés?

KIMYA: In the 80's a lot of amazing songwriters were being kicked out of the folk clubs in the West Village for being too loud, or for swearing. and when they weren't allowed to play the Folk Festival they decided to have an Antifolk Festival and Antifolk is still around. The players write songs because the songs are in their souls and so it is a less competitive scene that is closer to the true spirit of "folk".

CRUD: Favourite NEW YORK band (apart from your glorious selves)

KIMYA: My 3 favorites are DUFUS, STIPPLICON and THE STROKES. They are all very different and very good bands.

CRUD:The album: Is it really your greatest hits?

KIMYA: One day I gave Adam (Peachy no.2) a ride to his friend Kurt Feldman's house. Kurt was 11. and there was a girl named Denise there who was 14. The 3 of them were playing songs while I watched T.V.and when they made up some music they asked me to sing. I didn't know what to say so I sang 'Bunny Foo Foo', the old nursery rhyme, and that first take is the recording on our album.

After that we decided to make more songs together and record them. After recording 11 more songs we put out a CD called FER THE KIDS. There are only about 80 copies of that in the world. I moved back to Washington, to a town called Port Townsend, and gave the CDs to all my friends. So we had this small town Washington state fan base. Adam moved out there for 2 months in early 1999 and we started playing the songs with our friend: Jest Commons, on lead guitar, and Justice Campbell, on drums.

We played a few shows- the 3rd was with DUB NARCOTIC and THE CRABS, before returning toNew York as a band. After a few months in New York we recruited our friend Brian Piltin to play bass. But in October Jest's dad died so he headed back to the northwest. Justice decided to go home too so the band called it quits (we were 'Moldy Peaches 2000' then).

In the time we weren't playing, I recorded a solo album called I'M SORRY THAT SOMETIMES I'M MEAN and Adam recorded a self titled solo album called, ADAM GREEN. We started playing together again last August (2000) for the summer ANTIFOLK FESTIVAL. We played with Brian on bass, Brent cole on drums, and Chris Barron- from the SPIN DOCTORS - on lead guitar. after that show we took on guitarist Jack Dishel, from STIPPLICON.ADAM - THE MOLDY PEACHES

In October we fired Brian and hired Steven Mertens to play bass. We recorded more songs and put out an 11 song version of the album that is out now. Geoff Travis from ROUGH TRADE was sent a copy of the CD from the lovely people at the MERCURY LOUNGE and decided to check us out. So he came and saw us play at LACH (the founder of antifolk)'s birthday party. He told us he wanted to put out an album of whatever songs we wanted so we combined the cd we had just finished with some of our earlier recordings.

CRUD: Who is Jorge Regula? Jorge Regula is Steve Espinola.

KIMYA:He is a songwriter that plays piano and a homemade electric tennis racket. He has an mp3 sight. I am a big fan of his song 'Love Song While Running Away'.

CRUD: 'D2 Boyfriend' - How do you feel about the fact Duran Duran are reforming with their original members?

KIMYA: Well, I think John Taylor still has that certain something but honestly I never got that into their music. I like it but I never owned any albums. 'D2 Boyfriend' isn't really about loving Duran Duran as much as it is about feeling excluded. My friends could've been playing any game and it would've been that same feeling. It is sort of a public service announcement telling kids to stick it out and stay true even though things feel really bad sometimes. It feels worse to see yourself short.

CRUD: 'Snoopy or Garfield' ?

KIMYA: I had a dream a few months back that I lived in a thatched roof hut in the middle of the jungle and a white haired man with a ponytail and a Garfield shirt came into my hut. And there were tree stumps everywhere and the man had the boucy prosthetic legs the runners use and he was bouncing from stump to stump and I said "I want bouncy prosthetic legs" and he said "You HAVE bouncy prosthetic legs" and I looked down and i did! And he took my hand and said "I'm Jim Davis" and we bounced of through the jungle together.

CRUD: Kimya, tell us about your solo record that's coming out

KIMYA: I have 2 solo albums: I'M SORRY THAT SOMETIMES I'M MEAN and KNOCK KNOCK WHO? I make CD-R copies so there really are never very many available. I recorded I'M SORRY THAT SOMETIMES I'M MEAN after only playing guitar for 4 months. The songs are slow and sad, but good. I used a four track and there are some other intruments too - little kid toy instruments mostly from around my house.

I recorded KNOCK KNOCK WHO? 6 months after that. It's a little sillier, rougher. but still fairly simple. I have some kids singing with me on that one. There are songs I let the kids make up and play the instruments on on both albums. And a song on each from a collection of recordings I did with my friend Matt Rouse called 'Titanium Heart and the Chains of Love', songs about the open road. Maybe someday someone will want to release the CDs so whoever wants them can have copies. I don't really have the energy to make lots of copies and sell them.

Latest News: SEE Kimya play The Sidewalk Friday, August 10th, NYC

Kimya will be playing a solo set at sidewalk cafe from (precisely) 7:30-8:00 6th st & ave
A Free this will be the last Moldy Peaches related thing in New York until September 14th.

On August 15th The Moldy Peaches will leave for japan to play the summersonic festival. We are playing at 10:30am one day and 11:30am the next. The early bird special. From there they head to Belgium for PUKKLEPOP and to England for Reading and Leeds festivals.

We are still waiting to find out whether or not we are playing gig on THE GREEN in Glasgow.

Report and Review compiled by Priya Elangasinghe for CRUD©


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